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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 28, 2011 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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long rap sheet and recovered some of those stolen items. things got a little crazier than usual last evening along hollywood boulevard in los angeles. hundreds of people who tried to crash a movie premiere took over the reet. after they were turned away they refused orders to go home. some were throwing stuff at police. one squad car's windshield was shattered. several people were taken into custody. >> calm down in l.a. >> i wonder what movie that was. >> a good one. u.s. lawmakers are warning that al qaeda is hatching its next plot against america from a cell inside the country of somalia. >> they say the idea to use somalis to do the job came from osama bin laden himself. >> abc's t.j. winick has the latest on this new front in the war on terror. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: good morning, rob and tanya. the somali americans in question are considered so dangerous cause they know the united states so well and where the country is vulnerable. nor pakistan now pose as great a
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threat to america as their affiliate in somalia, that according to u.s. counterterrorism officials. the group known as al shabaab has even been successful in recruiting westerners. >> al shabaab is recruiting inside american mosques in somali communities in minneapolis and san diego according to the justice department. >> reporter: congressman peter king, chairman of the committee on homeland security, held a hearing on the increasing threat. >> the terrorist training camps run by al shabaab teach their participants how to kill people and so the ability of one of those individuals to return to the united states and to put into practice thaha training isa threat. >> reporter: abc news has learned that before he died osama bin laden was secretly earning al shabaab to target the u.s. at least 40 somali-amemecans have trained and fought in a civil war in their homeland in the last three years, including three suicide bombers. as many as two dozen remain unaccounted for. >> probably the next, most significant terrorist threat may emanate from the al qaeda
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presence in somalia. >> reporter: and there is disturbing evidence the somali group is forging alliance with the al qaeda affiliate in yemen. a senior al shabaab leader was recently captured with evidence showing cooperation with al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. >> al shabaab continues to call for strikes against the united states. as a result we cannot and will not let our guard down. >> reporter: there is also a new travel warning for americans heading overseas this summer that al qaeda might try and seek revenge for bin laden's death by targeting westerners abroad. police officers in australia had to use pepper spray to fight off an angry kangaroo. the animal attacked a 94-year-old woman in her backyard as she went to the hospital with cuts and bruises, she toldolice she thought she was going to die. wildlife rangers managed to trap the male kangaroo and want to know if his injured leg had anything to do with his rampage. no decision has yet been made about the animal's future. here we go.
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you better hang out for this one. because it is our, what? oh, a little slow today. it's our favorite, there we go, story of the day. here we go. this one involveve a woman from south carolina who was ticketed for having one of those, well, let's just say an ornament hanging off a trailer hitch of her pickup truck. that ornament is meant to simulate a american male body part, use your imagination. >> very ballsy. a cop wrote her a ticket and says he was following the law. >> very specifically says you cannot have human body parts dangling from the vehicle anywhere. or attached to the vehicle. that the community as a whole would find offensive. >> it kind of makes me mad. this does fall along the lines of freedom of speech. >> now, the woman, virginia tyce, is refusing to pay the $445 ticket. it's going to be decided in court and she isn't commenting until the case is decided. what i want to know is how many times have you seen on the back of a pickup truck one of those
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pinup silhouettes. >> oh, yes. >> of a girl, you know. you see that all the time. so it's okay if it's female. but it's not okay if it's male? >> it's your car, your vehicle, do what you want to do. even if it includes gentile yeah. it wasn't real. they were -- >> let's hope not, i don't know. >> they were synthetic, right? >> we didn't get to see it either. >> we didn't get to see that picture. we'll look during the commercial. you said you've seen these in brooklyn. it's not just a southern thing. >> we'll do hard-hitting investigative reporting on this piece and get back to you on that. here's a look at your weather now. more down pours in the southwest from albuquerque to denver. strong storms from the dakotas to southern michigan. hail, dangerous winds, even isolated tornados in des moines, chicago, and detroit. blowing in the wind in those parts of the country. scattered showers and thunderstorms from houston to atlanta. >> 91 in baltimore. upper 70s in boston. fargo 8484 omaha 88. kansas city 96. triple digits in dallas and
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phoenix. 91 in colorado springs. 87 in salt lake city. well, if you saw this half hour of the show yesterday morning you know we enjoyed some mcdonald's happy meals. >> finger-licking good. >> still digesting. >> if it's the last thursday in july, and it is action, we're happy to tell you today, july 28th, is national chili dog day. i guess we're looking for any excuse to eat on this show. >> any excuse to eat on the show is a beautiful thing. they got us two each. look at this thing. look at that, chili chili dog. >> in case you don't know what a chili dog is, it's a combination of a hot dog and chili and what could be better in summer time? >> you loved these as a girl? >> i would eat chili cheese dogs with melteded cheese. >> this isn't enough for you? >> i want that melted cheese on top of the chill sxit hot dog -- >> i dare you to take a bite. >> you know i will. >> eat that like a lady.
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i had only one thing to say... sign me up. and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan. you'll get this free information kit... as with all medicare supplement plans, you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts # medicare, call this toll-free number now. how you doing with that chili dog, rob? >> delicious, this is good. >> it's appropriate we have these hot dogs. we're going to talk about baseball now and maybe one of the worst calls in baseball history. it happened early wednesday morning in the 19th inning of a pittsburgh pirates/atlanta braves game. >> umpire jerry neils made a
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call he'll never forget and probably always regret. here's abc's josh elliot. >> reporter: it was an umpire's worst nightmare. an unquestionably bad call. made at the mostinopportune time. >> and they got him! no, he called him safe! >> the images seemed so crystal-clear. there's the throw. the collision. and the tag. plainly obvious to all who saw it. except jerry neils. the only man whose opinion mattered. >> he called him safe! >> how can you end the game -- >> you've got to be kidding me. >> no sooner than meals gotten it all wrong -- a fact he would letter admit -- than was heard the cry for instant replay. that technological referendum on human imprecision. baseball continues to mostly clininto its pastoral roots when only men, however fatible, judges balls and strikes, safe and out, fair and foul.
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something jim joyce knows all too well. >> he's out! no, he's safe! >> reporter: when joyce called cleveland's jason donald safe, with one out to go in a game last june, it cost detroit pitcher armando galarraga a perfect game and a place in history. joyce, like meals today, was left to make peace with his gaffe. though galarraga's forgiveness largely spared joyce a public flogging. >> i had to man up and do the right thing. >> reporter: while certitude is the goal, it's also rather undramatic. as we saw, it's the rare times when the boys in blue get it wrong. and so, in spite of reaction wholly inappropriate for just a game, that we're reminded how much we care. how great and thrilling and soul-crushing our pastime can be. all in the same instant. again, jerry meals said categorically he got it wrong. and baseball in a statement said that meals will face no further punishment, nor will it fully
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embrace instant replay. seeming instead to prefer its game perfectly imperfect. josh elliot, abc news, new york. >> i guess mistakes are part of the game. >> please write to facebook and explain why instant replay is not a good thing in baseball. if you have the technology to get it right with people's stats and careers and titles, why not use it? i don't get it. frustrates me. let me get back so my chili dog. man: ♪ i'm home and i love it ♪ ♪ i'm home woman:n: ♪ i'm home ♪ where i belong announcer: it's always nice to come home. but many americans are at risk oforeclosure and losing their homes. making home affordable from the u.s. goverernment has a already helped over a million struggling homeowners like these. the sooner you act,t, the better chance we can help you.
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m: ♪ i'm home woman: ♪ i'm home ♪ where i belong now to the story rob has been talking about all mornini. indigestion after that chili cheese dog? all right. the latest in hair-do trends. >> i've been looking for a new style but we can't decide between feathered extensions or two-toned highlights, whatever that is.
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>> weigh in on facebook on that one. >> please do. in the meantime here's abc's bianna golodryga. >> reporter: this summer, everyone is flipping out for the latest salon trends. from feathers to pops of color. i decided to hit the streets and check out the hottest look for your locks. here at salon v in new york city, owner rinelle and her team of stylists gave us an inside peek at two trends sweeping the hollywood scene. the hombre. >> we did the hombre which means gradual lightening from dark to light, roots to ends. >> reporter: made popular with drew barrymore and sarah jessica parker, jacqueline opted for a less drastic approach for her first time. >> i think i'm going to continue it. >> you're going to go bolder? >> i'll probably go a bit
2:50 am
bolder. i still want to keep the depth and the dark around my face. >> reporter: next up, feather extensions. everyone from selena gomez to steven tyler to hilary duff are rocking this bohemian style. it's getting hotter by the second. a trend i wanted to try myself. i guess i figured the feather look was just a clip that you attach to your head. it's a lot more detailed than that. >> yeah, they're actually very permanent. they can last between two to four months depending on your care. >> reporter: and very durable. this can withstand daily washings and heat from curling irons. coming in a variety of colors these rooster feathers are great with any look. traditionally used by fly fishermen, the trend has become so popular they're sold out everywhere. even in bait and tackle shops. >> as you can see we're running extremely low. normally this would be a much wider selection. >> reporter: with supply and demand so high, salon v had to raise their price from $40 to $60 for a bundle of five
2:51 am
feathers. got my feather. i'm going to fly away. if feathers used by fishermen are flying out of salons we wondered what on earth could be next. so we turned to trend-setter edward tricomi on fifth avenue and he told us the future is all about color. his first predicted trend? smash coloring. >> exactly what it implies. you smash the color into the hair. squish it through. leave it on. sort of like finger painting. >> reporter: now if this permanent look isn't exactly for you, try this next style. chalking. using chalk you can buy at any art store, you can simply wet the color of your choice and apply the strands you want to highlight. >> what's great about this, it's temporary. you put it in your hair, wear it for the night, take it right out. >> reporter: just be sure on that day you don't get caught in the rain.
2:52 am
>> i don't know about that chalking one. >> i don't know. how do you think we would look? >> you might look good. >> oh my lord. >> nice! >> how'd they find our high school yearbook photos?
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"world news now"delivers your "morning papers." >> i am impressed. you have made some -- done some serious damage there. >> i'm getting through this. >> this is aed goo, good meal here. lot. we do have to do "morning papers." here's an interesting story. jonbenet ramsay's father john has remarried. you'll remember his wife patsy died about five years ago from ovarian cancer. he has remarried a woman 14 years his junior. now, in a little bit of interesting side news, john also admitted to having a short-lived romance with natalee holloway's mother beth twitty.
2:56 am
isn't that interesting. >> really. >> i guess there must be something about people who have experienced a lot of loss coming together. >> because he lost another child when she was 22, then jonbenet, then his wife five years ago. maybe that kind of grief brings folks who have something really extreme in common. >> things are looking up for him now, i guess. >> a depressing story out of danville, west virginia. this story was in "the new york the first line of the story says it all. a high school has been shut down after officials discovered the principal and another teaeaer had allegedly turned it into their own meth den. they said there was methamphetamine throughout the school, in the principal's office, in the bathrooms, in the hallway, so much so the school may not be ready to open in august because they have to clean the whole thing to get all the drug residue out of there. the pair of course has been arrested. >> no safe haven. >> no, no. extra credit. >> this next one is my favorite story out of the bbc. a little kitten survived an hour
2:57 am
in the washing condition. his owner opened up -- there's the kitty. >> who did that to the kitty? >> survived the spin wash. opened up the washing machine and found her kitty in there, 8-week-old kitten. she survived. judy drysdale was the senior veterinary surgeon who said princess arrived with a little shaken up, shivering, scratching, otherwise -- >> an hour in there? i thought -- it could be fatal. those nine lives are true. >> princess hung in there. >> man, that cat. she has that nice spring smell too. all right. also the physician -- interesting story. this is kind of scary, especially considering what we've done for the last half hour. this group in washington, d.c. is posting billboards along indianapolis motor speedway warning hot dogs are just as dangerous as cigarettes. they're not saying you have to totally rule out processed or red meat but it should not be a mainstay of your diet.
2:58 am
those billboards are going up -- >> it's like we just smoked a pack tonight. >> mmm-mmm.
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this morning on "world news now," republicans reined in. the house speaker expresses his anger with tea party colleagues. >> john boehner's gop message about the debt crisis was heard loud and clear. it's thursday, july 28th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, i'm tanya rivero. >> i'm rob nelson. republicans now are so desperate for support, they played an action movie clip to freshmen lawmakers. meanwhile the democrats expressed political concern, while wall street investors braced themselves. >> indeed. everybody's bracing themselves. also ahead, a war veteran who's a quadruple amputee, why his wife is also struggling.
3:01 am
her message to capitol hill may open your r es. also later from this half hour of the show, lawmakers in london crack down on a cosmetics giant for publishing ads of sexy celebrities. why their complaint could be a game-changer for the advertising business. we all looked at a magazine cover and said, that is so airbrushed. >> that's right, can you be too beautiful? >> yeah, uh-huh. >> let's see. >> makeup helps everybody. >> that's right. you know how long we're in hair and makeup befefe we were on tonight? first, every senate democrat plus two republicans are saying they won't support the house republican plan to raise the debt limit. >> house speaker john boehner wants to bring the plan to the floor later today. as john hendren reports boehner is working hard to get those votes. >> reporter: good morning, rob and tanya. you may know there are a lot of people on capitol hill who complain the tea party has gone too far. you might be surprise who's saying that now. house speaker john boehner cracked the whip.
3:02 am
wavering tea party freshmen to get in line behind his debt-cutting plan to raise the nation's credit limit. it seems to be working. >> i've moved from lean no to undecided to lean yes. >> i'll be voting yes. >> reporter: boehner and republican leaders are so desperate to rally republicans they tried to inspire them with a movie clip from last year's "the town." ben affleck asks a friend to join him in a violent bank robbery. >> we're going to hurt some people. >> reporter: democrats say that shows republicans are using the debt crisis to hurt the economy. >> reporter: republicans said baloney. >> it's a movie, it's not reality, so get a life. >> reporter: credit rating agencies warn they will downgrade the nation's credit without a deal that cuts the debt. >> there has to be a credible plan to reduce the debt burden as well as reduty the deficit level. >> reporter: boehner's plan to reduce the debt limit for half a year has until now failed to garner the support of tea party conservatives in his own party.
3:03 am
rival plan cuts $2.2 trillion, according to the gdo. but republicans complain it's full of gimmicks. boehner's plan would raise the nation's debt limit for half a year. senate majority leader harry reid's plan would raise it to 2013, past the next election. but neither is gaining steam. >> tunny how "the town" somehow got interjected in the debt ceiling. >> what do you think about playing that movie? >> i gueue to inspire and motivate the troops. is it really time for movies? let's get on with it. >> that's right, let's get it done. >> all the stalemate in washington is having an effect on the economy even before a default. after the dow dropped 200 points, overseas markets are plunging. >> investors are flooding their brbrers and advisers with calls. our coverage continues with abc's business editor dan arnall. good morning, dan. >> r rorter: good morning, rob and tanya. investors have certainly taken notice of what's happening or not happening in washington. the stock market marking four
3:04 am
straight days of losses, down 422 points since last friday. folks are worried that the increasingly likely downgrade of u.s. debt will take the already weak wind out of the economy's sails. even if the congress and administration are able to increase the nation's debt ceiling before august 2nd, there's a real concern that lower ratings will cause the markets to drop by up to 10%. experts say a downgrade of the government would increase borrowing costs for everyone, forcing a dip in consumer spending and a cut-back in any planned business expansions. that would mean lower profits for those public companies we're all trading shares in. so the sell-off will likely continue until some decision is made in washington. and maybe even after. >> i'm thinking this is not an american situation, this is something that could affect the global markets. >> overseas markets are lower already this morning. japan's nikkei dropped more than 1% in opening trading. >> we'll see what happens come august 2nd, there's still no deal.
3:05 am
in other news a desperate search is under way in northern new hampshire for a missing 11-year-old girl. authorities say they don't have a lot of clues about where selena katz might. she was last seen at her family's home monday night and by morning she was gone. police say there's no indication that she ran away or that she was abducted. it all has a small town stunned. we really want to know that she's okay and that she's safe. we want -- we need her home, we need her home. she's a good girl, we need her home. >> authorities are focus is attention on the computer katz was using when she was last seen. the fbi is also involved in the hunt. unfortunately we seem to report a story like this every year. a high school football player dying after collapsing on the field. 16-year-old isiah laurent sen was working out in his school in south florida tuesday night. temperatures were in the high 80s. he started cramping up and eventually went into cardiac arrest. an autopsy is being done to determine the exact cause of death. meanwhile, though, his family
3:06 am
says he was healthy. now that a jury has been selected, opening statements are set for today in the trial of polygamist l lder warren jeffs. he's charged with sex wail assaulting two children. a judge dealt defense attorneys a blow yesterday ruling that evidence police seized in the 2008 raid on jeffs' compoundcan be used in the trial. jeffs is facing up to life in prison. in other news now, los angeles is putting the brakes on its red light camera program. the city has been losing money on the program since it started back in 2004. mainly because drivers who ignore those tickets go unpunished. more now from kabc's miriam hernandez. >> reporter: it is a red light now for 32 intersections across los angeles enforced with cameras. by unanimous vote the city council calls a halt to the program, effective july 31st. >> today it is time for to us shut it down and shut it down now. >> reporter: but what happens now to people holding an estimated 65,000 tickets?
3:07 am
one reason leaders are abandoning the program as useless, the court does not report outstanding citations to the dmv. and failure to pay does not hit your credit record either. that's news to some people waiting in line at traffic court. >> interesting. i don't know, i -- i guess that kindndf changes the game for why i'm here right now. >> reporter: ross latimer and his daughter planned to fight their ticket but paid nearly $500 just to be safe. >> at the time, trying to be upstanding citizens. right? and pay it. now we're kind of caught in the middle. >> reporter: question at city hall, could drivers get their money back? >> as far as refunds? >> the court will not refund. >> reporter: but can a driver be certain there will be no penalty in the future if they ignore the ticket? >> there are consequences, from my understanding, there could be. in fact, they're severe. >> the citation in the courts is held in a database and considered pending. >> if an employer or someone
3:08 am
else chooses to run a court background search, it could come up that you have this outstanding. >> reporter: to pay or not to pay. better be sure first that your offense happened in one of the city's 32 intersections designated in the program. >> cameras causing controversy around so much of the country. the historic drought and blistering heat aren't bad enough, ranchers in texas now have another big problem on their hands. grass hoppers are taking over the land and eating up what little grass is left for the cows. the bone dry conditions are an ideal breeding ground, making this year's plague one of the largest in years. and south texas will soon get some much-needed rain as another tropical storm develops off the coast of mexico. tropical storm don is expected to make landfall near corpus christi tomorrow night. the rain won't be enough to break the drought, even worse, cotton farmers say the storm could destroy their crops. forecasters don't expect it to
3:09 am
become a hurricane. >> some forecasters say it's a blessing in disguise. at least you get a little relief from the drought. >> but not enough, right? >> not enough. here's a look at your thursday forecast. stormy across the midwest. hail, gusty winds, flash flooding and a chance of tornados in omaha, des moines, chicago, and detroit. heavy afternoon down pours in the four corners region of the southwest. scattered thunderstorms around memphis, new orleans and houston. >> 100 in dallas. 90s from new orleans to baltimore. kansas city hits 96. chicago 92. minneapolis 88. 73 in seattle. 83 in billings. 95 in sacramento. if anyone's hungry this morning here's the story for you. always hungry on this shift. it comes from mexico city where yesterday they created what they claim to be the world's largest torta. >> that is a type of mexican sandwich. this was the length of half a football field. it included 70 different toppings, including sausage, pork, beef, and vehicleables all
3:10 am
on crusty white bread. >> that is a snack. one organizereraid it was all about proboating the torta and stopping the spread of fast food. i'm still digesting that mcdonald's from yesterday. >> i know, muy bien. >> i like it, culture touch on the show tonight, yes. can you say this? we'll be right back, more "world news now," say that. [ speaking foreign language ] >> adios, that's all i know. we'll bebeack. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people
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it was the end of a historical era wednesday at the walter reed army medical center. after more than 100 years of service, the army's top hospital closed its doors. operations are being moved next month to new locations in both the hospital first opened in 1909 and has treated servicemen and women, their families, and even a few presidents along the way. >> quite impressive. all right, the men and women
3:15 am
of our armed forces have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country. giving them proper medical care seems to be the least we can do. >> absolutely. sometimes that is not the case. take for example the marine who lost both his arms and legs but still can't get the help he needs. now his wife is taking their battle to capitol hill. abc's sharise fam reports. >> reporter: wounded veterans already face a painful road to recovery. the last thing they need is another hurdle. especially a bureaucratic one. crystal nicely's husband was hit by an ied last year during foot patrol in afghanistan. >> what is upsetting is the lack of support, compassion and benefits for these individuals. it needs to be just a little bit easier. >> reporter: crystal's husband is marine corporal todd nicely. he lost all of his arms and legs in the ied attack. he is one of only three surviving quadruple amputees from the iraq and afghanistan wars. >> you would think that it would
3:16 am
be easy for someone to lose hope and motivation after such a catastrophic injury. but my husband has been a fig fightfigh fighter since day one. >> reporter: nicely says she's often fighting red tape. like filling out the samam form over and over again. >> to continually reapply to keep serving as a nonmedical attendant feels as though i am being judged on my level ofare for todd. >> reporter: nicely thanked senator murray for helping her get care for her husband. >> it should not take me talking to a united states senator to help my husband. >> reporter: washington politicians are currently fighting over the debt ceiling and priorities for the nanaon's budget. it is unclear if the ongoing debate will delay payments or benefits for veterans. >> we cannot balance our budget at the expensesef the health care and benefits our veterans have earned. >> reporter: service members and veterans are worried about what will happen to them if the nation defaults. >> they don't know if disability checks are coming, they don't they don't know if gi checks are
3:17 am
coming. >> the commitment we have to them is nonnegotiable. they have sacrificed life and limb in combat and they have done all of this selflessly and with honor to our country. >> there's got to be a wray to cut through that red tape and get them the help they need. >> what an embarrassment for the country these guys of all people have to go through red tape to get the medical attention they need. the bill is impressive here. veterans from iraq and afghanistan, to treat them, will cost between $40 billion and $55 billion over the next 10 years, money we have to find. they earned it. >> that's right, it is nonnegotiable. >> absolutely. lighten the mood when we come back. coming up after the break, controversy at dolly parton's theme park. >> how a t-shirt and a lesbian couple's message put dolly wood in the spotlight. that's next.
3:18 am
3:19 am
♪ here you come againjust when i'm about to make it work without you ♪ >> a little classic dolly parton. >> an american original, dolly parton. this story is crazy. same-sex marriage has been a hot topic of debate lately and mostly in political and religioussircles. that debate is now being found in, of all places, dollywood, the dolly parton theme park in tennessee. at issue, a visitor's t-shirt. wate's gene patterson reports she was told to turn the t-shirt inside out. >> reporter: this is the t-shirt
3:20 am
and offending phrase. marriage is so gay. >> what do you think he found so offensive? >> i don't know if it was it had the word gay on it or marriage in combination with the word gay. >> reporter: odom and her partner jennifer tiptonon employee of wtae, said the shirt promotes marriage equality and is not a hateful thing. so unfairly that odom sent dollywood a formal complaint. they posted their feelings on facebook which has generated a lot of comments and led to a number of media reports. >> policy is that we try the best that we can to try to prevent the opportunity for another guest to be offended by something that someone is wearing, someone has on their person. >> reporter: in this case, there was no complaint. the hostppppently acting preemptively. and that is why this issue has grown so large. >> right now there are several discussions that are going on
3:21 am
relating to this particular issue. and those are ongoing. and when we complete those, we will contact the family that was affected. and talk to them about the situation. >> reporter: for now the couple says, though they are frustrated by the lack of communication, they're content to wait until august 15th. >> we didn't want media attention. but now that we've gotten it i feel like it's making a positive impact towards the lgbt community, maybe younger people that are afraid to come out or whatever the issue is. i think it's giving a voice for people that don't normally have a voice every day. >> interesting story. the ironic part to me that is dolly parton has in the past come out and said publicly she supports gay marriage. so it's like, oh, come on. >> end of the day if nobody complained about it, you know. i don't see what the big -- it is a t-shirt. >> it's just a t-shirt. people at dollywood did say
3:22 am
they're going too try to revamp their policy in terms of clothing and what they allow. maybe some good will come out of this mess. > e cosmetics giant in the middle of an advertising controversy. [ female announcer ] it's a pad like no other.
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♪ come on vogue ♪ let your body move to the music hey hey hey ♪ >> madonna to wake everyone else. >> yeah, there you go, voguing. >> that's right. finally, when it comes to beauty, sometimes we all need a little extra help. that's what makeup is for. >> amen. what about airbrushing? the british government is cracking down on airbrushed ads featuring julia roberts and other celebrities, calling them miss-leading. the bbc's lorna gordon has more. >> reporter: julia roberts and christy turlington. two of the most stunning women
3:26 am
in the world. now the adverts they were starring in have been pulled after complaints they were misleading. the mp who took the cosmetic companies to task has had a long campaign against what she sees as unrealistic visions of perfection used to sell products. >> i actually think this is much more widespread and i think that both advertisers and those involved in creating editorial images within the media should just be thinking twice. it's not to say you shouldn't retouch at all. but it's about where do you draw the line? >> reporter: of course when adverts are created, professional styling and makeup and good lighting are all used to help make beautiful women look even more flawless. but what's at issue is whether and by how much these images are manipulalad. whether the image is as operational or an accurate reflection of what can be achieved, the companies involved have issued statements pointing out they're disappointed. maybelline and loreal come under
3:27 am
the brand. they do not agree the adverts exaggerated the effect that can be achieved using the productions. >> i'm very, very confident our advertisers treat the way they communicate with their consumers very seriously. the consumer is incredibly savvy and the wisdom of the crowd we see now, nobody wants to antagonize or upset the consumers. >> reporter: in this 4 billion poun business, celebrity endorsements undoubtedly sell products. what this ruling suggests that is cosmetic companies have to be able to prove that the reality matches the sales pitch. lorna gordon, bbc news. >> two beautiful women. it is tough. it's tough for the average woman to look at these gorgeous, airbrushed images and think, if i buy this product -- >> that it's attainable. the face, the makeup, the body is all airbrushed to make it look like it is. chime in on facebook this. this is getting a lot of response. >> we want to hear what you think about this. do what we do, just go au
3:28 am
naturale. >> we don't do that on abc. this is what we look like in the morning. eye crust, bad
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," in jeopardy. alex trebek takes action after an intruder breaks into his hotel room and steals valuables from the game show host. >> trebek's injuries, what was stolen and how he tried to nab the suspect himself but failed. it's thursday, july 28th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, i'm tanya rivero. >> i'm rob nelson. alex trebek and his wife were sound asleep in their hotel room when police say a woman broke in, grabbed what she could, then took off. how trebek wound up in the hospital and how police made a quick arrest.
3:31 am
>> fascinating story. >> bizarre story. also ahead, the trial of polygamous sect leader warren jeffs begins today. what his former followers and attorneys are saying about the charges as the case gets started. also later at this half hour of the show, they are busy at work and at home, now new research shows that career moms are under so much stress it could actually cause long-term harm. not surprised, trying to juggle so many responsibilities. >> we know all about that, let me tell you. we begin with the questions and answers over a ax trebek's ordeal. a dramatic confrontation that left him with a cast and crutches. >> the "jeopardy!" ost is set to undergo surgery tomorrow after a dramatic run-in with a burglar at a hotel in san francisco. here's kgo's vic lee. >> reporter: this is how alex trtrek explained, in typical jeopardy! fashion, why he was hobbling on crutches. i'm going to start today with an answer to a question i suspect is on many of your minds right now.
3:32 am
the answer is, at 2:30 yesterday morning, chasing a burglar down the hall at my san francisco hotel. >> reporter: this morning, trebek hosted the national geographic world champioiohip at google headquarters in mountain view. he and his wife stayed at the downtown marriott in san francisco. and that's where the burglar struck. at about 2:30 tuesday morning, as the couple slept. trebek says he was awakened by an intruder in the room. police say she was lucinda moyers, a 56-year-old burglar with a long rap sheet. trebek chased her down the hallway until his heel gave way. >> the snap and the sound. i've played sports all my life -- >> reporter: he tore his achilles tendon. as he fell he injured his other leg. but that didn't stop the 72-year-old game show host. >> i called security immediately and gave them a good description of the woman and they got her. >> the suspect was later
3:33 am
apprehended by one of the security inside the hotel. and they recovered some of the stolen items minus the cash near an ice machine. >> reporter: trebek got his wallet and cell phone back. still missing besides the cash is a piece of jewelry which has great sentimental value. >> the one piece of jewelry that i ever wear, it's a bracelet my mother gave me many years ago so that's gone. >> reporter: police won't say how the burglar got into trebek's hotel room but they say she was not armed and that trebek's life was never in jeopardy. trebek says he'll go through surgery on friday for that torn achilles heel. in san francisco, vic lee for abc news. >> bizarre story. just want to point out, this is the third night we've had an intruder story. >> that is very true. very true. alex as we know is a smart guy, a great guy on tv. now he's brave, fighting off that intruder. >> that's right. >> tt woman's been booked with burglary and receiving stolen property. so they got her. she was not an employee of the hotel. good for you, alex, way to go after her.
3:34 am
>> that's right. the attorney for the hotel housekeeper accusing dominique strauss-kahn of sexual assault say she is no gold digger. nafissatou diallo and her lawyers listened to tapes of conversations she had with a friend shortly after the incident. diallo's attorney thompson says the focus of that conversation was what happened to her, not how much money the former international monetary fund leader has. opening statements come this morning in the trial of polygamous leader warren jeffs. a judge has ruled the documents seized in an infamous raid on his compound can be used as evidence. andrea canning has more. >> reporter: he's the controversial self-proclaimed prophet and polygamist. >> your money, your time, your everything, your families, belong to the prophet. >> reporter: who's gained worldwide notoriety for having 70 wives and believing the outside world is evil.
3:35 am
so much notoriety, warren jeffs is finding it hard to get a fair trial in texas. the leader of flds, a mormon splinter group, is facing charges he sexually assaulted two underage girls he married. jeffs pleaded not guilty but on the second day of jury selection, more than 100 would-be jurors said they could no longer presume he's innocent. a jury was finally selected. >> looks like we should begin with the opening statements and evidentiary portion of the trial next week. i think it's moving at a pretty good pace. >> reporter: the accusations stem from a 2008 raid on an flds ranch. hundreds of children were taken away for over two months. jeffs has been accused of being with girls as young as 12. both alleged victims in this case, along with 76 women, have been called to testify. many believe jeffs is still running the church that once had over 10,000 members from his jail cell. two texas sheriffs confirmed to abc news that jeffs spent $23,000 on phone cards in five months.
3:36 am
they believe he's directing church members over the phone. and former flds members say he has a powerful grip. >> he is their god. he's told these people, i am jesus christ. >> you don't do anything except do what you're told. >> reporter: in 2007 jeffs was found guilty in utah of being an accomplice to rape but the conviction was overturned by an appellate court. ininexas he now faces life behind bars. andrea canning, abc news, los angeles. norway's police today are wrapping up their search of that island where most of last friday's mass murders took place. that should allow them to confirm a final death toll which right now stands at 68. an independent commission is also being formed to fully investigate anders breivik's deadly rampage on that island and the bombing in oslo as well. a monument is being built to honor all the victims. there may finally be a vote on a debt crisis deal. house speaker john boehner plans
3:37 am
to bring to the floor today a republican plan to raise the debt ceiling. >> during the stalemate the ohio only democrats but some of the t more conservative members of his own party. abc's john hendren has the latest. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, rob and tanya. house speaker john boehner has been cracking the whip. he told fellow republicans in a closed-door meeting, including wavering tea party fresesen, to get in line behind his debt plan. it seems to be working. some walked out saying they would now support that plan. >> i've moved from lean no to undecided to lean yes. >> i'll be voting yes. >> reporter: elsewhere on capitol hill, credit rating agencies warned d ey will downgrade the nation's credit without a deal that cuts the debt. >> there has to be a credible plan to reduce the debt burden, as well as reduce the deficit level. >> reporter: boehner's plan to increase the debt level for half a year has failed to garner the support of tea party conservatives in his own party. the congressional budget office says it saves $917 billion, far less than the $1.2 trillion he
3:38 am
originally advertised. it has little chance of support in the senate or white house. >> it underscores their desire to hurt people. >> reporter: senate majority leader harry reid's plan cuts $2.2 trillion according to the cbo but republicans complain it is full of gimmicks. with less than a aeek to go until the nation defaults on its debt on august 2nd, no bill appears able to pass. and the negotiators are not negotiating. tanya and rob? >> hard to believe it's come down right to the wire on this thing. all these weeks of debate and still we're counting down days and hours. unbelievable. kind of frustrating. >> frustrating, certainly. here is your thursday forecast. isolated tornados, 80-mile-an-hour winds and hail from rapid city and omaha to chicago and detroit. heavy rain in the desert southwest. scattered showers and thunderstorms around houston, new orleans, memphis and atlanta. >> 90 in miami. 84 in new york. 79 in boston. 94 in indianapolis. 92 in chicago.
3:39 am
a sweltering 106 in phoenix. 95 in sacramento. and 80 in portland. >> sounds good. here is a touching story and proof that sometimes dreams do come true. meet 82-year-old ann stich of madison, wisconsin. yesterday she became a sailor. ann's been living in a care center for the last three years. she suffered four strokes in her life and her last wish was to get out on the water in a sailboat. >> i like it. they actually did make it happen for her. even letting her steer the boat for a little bit. she said it was so worth the wait. that's good. >> isn't she adorable. >> never too late. apparently other people where she lives have wishes too. they want to do a hot air balloon ride, one woman wants to meet the green bay packers. they're trying to work to get those dreams to come true as well. >> check it off that bucket list. >> that's right. life ain't over till it's over. more "world news now" coming up.
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♪ pressure pushing down on me pressing down on you ♪ ♪ under pressure >> all right. if you're awake right now, odds are you're an insomniac or heading to work soon or maybe you're a new parent. >> uh-huh. >> either way you probably know what it means to be stressed out. >> you may not be the most stressed out person in the country. so who is? abc's linsey davis tells us. >> reporter: who would you guess is the most stressed-out person in america? a fireman, stockbroker, air traffic controller? think again. chances are you know the person.
3:44 am
and she looks something like debbie watkins. >> oh, wow, i'm not spending enough time with mom. then if i go over and try to spend more time with her then i'm thinking, wow, my kids need more of my time, my husband needs more of my time, or my job. let me give you a bell experts say this could be the first generation of women who do not outlive their male counterparts by five to seven years. according to the gallup healthways well-being index, middle-aged american women have the lowest well-being of any age group or sex. and this is why. >> let's go, let's go, come on. >> reporter: debbie gets up with the sun. her kids still live at home. she works a full-time job. takes her lunch break to visit her mom, who recently suffered a stroke. and is trying to balance her marriage. all while attempting to stay healthy. >> yeah, those days i want to find a corner and, you know, curl myself up and get away from everybody and everything. >> repepter: this is a wake-up call for middle-aged women to change their behavior now. >> women need to take care of
3:45 am
themselves first. like the old adage, when you're flying on the plane. put your own oxygen mask on first before you assist others. >> reporter: gail sheehy writes for "usa today" and wrote about today's mid-life woman. >> they're not making healthy choices and they don't think they can. because they would feel toto guilty taking time away from caring for their families. >> reporter: so what is a woman like debbie to do? >> she has to get other people to trade off with her. then she will do it for them because their parents are going to need help too. >> reporter: she calls it a circle of care. essentially car pooling the stresses in all our lives where relatives and friends pitch in to help each other. she also recommends at least one hour of me time each day to do something for yourself. debbie's already taking this advice to heart. and in doing so, could just be adding years to her life. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> i get that. that's so true. >> makes sense to me. the job, the kids, evevething. >> the profile is a 49-year-old
3:46 am
woman who is caring for an aging parent, who has a full-time job, still has a kid living at home. >> that's a lot to juggle. >> on anyone's plate. >> the stresses of everyday life. those examples they show at the beginning, fireman, stockbroker, something like that. >> go, debbie, you can do it. >> moms doing it all. >> that's right. >> keep on doing it. coming up, the white powder that could get "jersey shore" cast members in deep trouble. and the sex secrets that put hugh hefner on the defensive. "the skinny" is next.
3:47 am
3:48 am
welcome back, everybody. time for our favorite segment of the day, "the skinny." >> that is right. >> we'll start with my favorite people on "the jersey shore." apparently, shockingly, there's been another incident down there. not one of the cast members was arrested but a friend of "the situation" was arrested very early in the morning on sunday for trying to bring into the house what police are calling a
3:49 am
white powdery substance that i'm assuming was not a protein shake. >> or laundry detergent. >> flour, going to do some baking. whatever it was. apparently this guy who was arrested was a trainer and even produced a workout dvd with "the situation," ended up behind bars at 3:16 in the morning on sunday. did post $1,000 bail, eventually got out. but this was all reported by radaronline. another little kind of incident there, shockingly, at "the jersey shore." another summer of good times keeps rolling on. >> just translates into more viewers, right? >> and more money. >> now remember yesterday we reported that lauryn hill was pregnant and that her -- everybody thought it was her baby daddy, rohan marley, abandoned her for another woman. turns out she's coming out saying, no, no, no, no. yes, i am pregnant but he is not the father. she didn't say who it is. she's saying, i wish him well, everybody wishes everybody well, he did not abandon me pregnant with his child. they do share five children together.
3:50 am
>> they had a lot of kids together. this sixth child is not his. >> it's not his. she doesn't say whose it is. still a little mystery there but it's not his. >> setting the record straraht. >> she says they have a long and complicated history and people speculated a lot but she wants to make clear, he did not dump her while she was pregnant with his child. >> she was doing some other things. don't let them fool ya. >> that's right. in other news now. some kind of drama involving joe pesci now. he was supposed to star in this movie about gotti coming out. so he was promised the role of one of the henchmen, one of the key characters in the movie, gained pounds for the role, all of a sudden was told that he was not going to be able to do it. now he is suing the producers of the movie for $3 million. a lot of dough. producers though are firing back saying, you know what, this lawsuit is a total joke, it was an oral contract, they offered him a lesser role in the movie, now the producers may even counter-sue him now for some money trying to say this was -- you were never promised and guaranteed this role, the director who brought you in left, all this drama.
3:51 am
perry will not be the big star. >> claims perry was not returning their phone calls for a long time, how could he assume he had this role? >> sorry, joe. >> lots of details to be worked out. i wouldn't want to go mano a mano with joe pesci. >> indeed, no. >> another story we reported yesterday was about crystal harris talking about her love life with hugh hefner. >> short one. >> saying it was a short one. saying it was a brief, brief one. hugh saying, hey, wait a minute, i don't know why but crystal lied about our relationship on howard stern, and he says, crystal convinced me that she adored me and that was obviously the first lie. this wrote this to one of his followers. i feel sorry for crystal, she seems lost. of course he's not going to take it lying down. >> no pun intended. >> you don't insult a man's sexual prowess and imagine he's not going to come fighting back. right? >> she said he only lasted two seconds, never took his clothes off. he said, wait a minute, it was four seconds. >> this is hugh hefner we're talking about, right? >> same point i made yesterday,
3:52 am
the man is 90. i'm just happy he's still in the game a a90 years old. >> apparently he wants to make it clear to everyone that he is. >> he's still got it. [ drew ] what's the latest in eye couture?
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fadeproof, waterproof, totally ignore-proof! oh yes! new intense shadowblast from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl. here some are stories to watch today on abc news. tropical storm don could dump a few inches of rain on south texas late this week. the tropical storm watch is posted for a big section of texas coasasine today in a region struggling with drought. president obama announces stricter fuel economy standards for cars and trucks today. his new standards would take effect in 2017 model cars. and finally, since netflix announced a recent price hike, it seems some customers go running for the door. >> outlets like walmart are hoping that it means they'll come running through their doors now. as abc's david wright reports it is all turning into a hollywood drama. >> reporter: they're an internet movie startup behaving like the
3:56 am
godfather. >> i'm going to makakhim an offer he can't refuse. >> reporter: raising prices 60%, expecting movie-loving customers simply to accept things without questioning. >> my mama always said, life was like a box of chocolates. you never know what you're going to get. >> thinking you're going to roll over or take it and smile and keep on running like forrest gump. truth of it is, like howard beale in "network." >> i'm as mad as hell and i'm not going to take this anymore! >> it means netflix suddenly loses 30% or more of their client base. >> reporter: the truth can be tough to swallow. >> you want answers. >> i want the truth. >> you can't handle the truth. >> people can't handle the truth that it costs money to keep this business alive. if they want movies inside of 30 days, if they want these new releases and not just old movies, then they have to cough up a little bit of money here. >> reporter: the truth is netflix is under serious pressure from wall street. >> i need to feel you, jerry!
3:57 am
show me the money! >> show me the money! >> the same way netflix is telling its customers, show me the money. >> reporter: as apple, amazon and wall-mart offer stronger competition that won't necessarily be thehease forever. >> this is the big risk that netflix is taking. they built up all this capital, literally in money and in customer base, and now they can say, you know, like rhett butler in "gone with the wind." >> frankly, my dear, i don't give a damn. >> reporter: david wright, abc news, hollywood. >> hollywood movies, got to battle it out. >> yes, they do. i didn't realize how many alternatives there are to netflix. blockbuster, green zone, red box, itunes, best buy, hula. it's all over the place. there's so many options these days. >> they possibly should not have raised their prices. >> i'm sure they're regretting it. >> bad move. >> having a few board meetings to go over that decision. >> shares tumbled about 11%. >> more from abc news coming up after the break, don't go far. what makes the sleep number store different?
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